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None of our iPhone apps
are ever "demo" or "lite"
or "limited" versions.

None of our iPhone apps
come in separate "with ads"
and "without ads" versions.

We also never have
any "in-app purchases"
or additional fees of
any kind in any of our apps.

The initial purchase
price is all you ever pay.


Are you studying for the CompTIA 220-701, 220-702, 220-801
and 220-802 exams?
Or perhaps a few of the Microsoft Certification tests?
Or maybe you just wish to sharpen your computer knowledge
in general.

Don't waste time and money trying to pass your computer exams without this app! Includes access to over 3189 unique questions at no extra charge!

Watch some of the video reviews people have been uploading:
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Bill B.

Rachel B.


The quick and easy way to "split the check" at your favorite restaurant.

Enter each dollar amount (or quickly pick them from a list).
Enter each guest name (or quickly pick them from a list).

Calculates each user's subtotal, tax, tip and grand total.
Each food item can be split between any number of your guests.

Flexible list of 20 configuration settings.


How well do you know your history?

You are shown a series of historical events and you try to guess the year that each took place.

Compare your high scores with others from around the world.


A quick and simple way to show the likelihood of rain occurring today (hour by hour) in your city.

Presented in an easy-to-read clock face layout.

Alternately, can also show wind, temperatures, humidity, all hour-by-hour as they will occur throughout the day.


Create multiple shopping-lists for multiple stores.

Even tells you which aisle the item is located in.


Test your 3G and Wi-Fi speeds. Show averages and compare your results with other users, worldwide.

Also includes color bar-graphs.


How well do you know these United States? How quickly can you find them on a map? How quickly can you find even your OWN state?

Over 35% of the people can't location South Carolina.

Can you?

How well do your children know their states?

Compare your scores with other users, worldwide.

Additional games include "find states by capital name" and "find state by big city name".


Whatever you do, don't go on vacation without this app!

You remembered to turn off the stove, turn down the water heater, and have your aunt water your plants... now remember to download VacationSplit.

The easy way to split your expenses when you travel with a friend.

Pick your two user names, and enter in the amount for your meals, hotel, car rental, fuel, tickets, etc.

Each person can pay any amount towards the purchase and separate running totals are maintained for each user.

At the end of your trip, you can see how much money is due to each person... and even send them an email-transcript of the entire trip's purchases.

Also great for splitting household expenses with a roommate. One person can pay a portion of the gas bill, while the other pays a portion of the electric bill... always displays a continuous, running total of both person's payments/debts.


View 1,000s of late night show jokes, past and present.

All your favorite jokes from all your favorite comedians:
Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon,
Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Also featured are Alex Kaseberg, Argus Hamilton, Jake Novak,
Jim Barach, and others.

Pick from "recent" or "random" jokes.

You can even pick and choose to view only jokes from your favorite entertainers.

(Never any monthly or recurring fees!)

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